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Camp Ground Bookings

Camp Ground Bookings for members of the public and scouting families: 

We are now taking bookings. Please note that we have to operate the campground in a COVID safe way and with that in mind, pre bookings are preferred  ( please don't just turn up as this may result in disappointment). The rules below will apply to all bookings and please note that currently any shared food storage and cooking facilities are not available.

By entering the campground you explicitly agree to abide by the following terms and conditions of entry and stay.

  1. Social distancing is to be practised at all times with other campers. Please abide by the “1.5 metre rule”
  2. If you have had cold or flu like symptoms in the last 72 hours, you cannot enter the camp ground. If you develop cold of flu like symptoms, then please immediately consult a doctor and arrange to be tested for COVID-19. You also agree to be transferred to a remote site pending test results at the discretion of the camp ground manager.
  3. If you have been abroad in the last 2 weeks you cannot enter the campground.
  4. You agree to supply full and accurate details on the sign in sheet provided in accordance with the prescribed Camp Ground management plan in place.
  5. External visitors to the site are expressly forbidden at all times.
  6. You agree to read and abide by the conditions for use of shower and toilets as prescribed on the entrance to these facilities.
  7. Failure to abide by these conditions can place other people at risk and can result in you being asked to depart the campground with immediate effect. Any payments made for camping will be forfeited.

Please note: that we only accept single axle vehicles. We do not accept bookings for twin axle vehicles. If you arrive in a twin axle vehicle we will not be able to accept you onto the site and you will have to make alternative arrangements.


Prices start from $15 per person per night.

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