Scouts is for boys and girls aged 10½ to 14½ and is the most well known section of the Scouting Movement.
Scouts is where the action is!

Life as a Scout

If you are passionate about action then you’re a Scout! Everyday will make your adrenaline rush when you participate in a range of action-packed activities. Whether you’re mastering the art of outdoor safety, participating in amateur radio shows and performing arts productions, or attending the ultimate Scouting adventure of a Jamboree, you’ll learn life-long skills that  you can teach your friends.At Scouts you’ll become a member of a Scout Patrol and you’re Patrol will work with other Patrols to form a larger Scout Troop. Together you’ll make important decisions, set critical goals, and depend on each other to succeed. And when you do succeed, you can earn achievement badges!

What Can I Do in Scouts?

• Abseil into limestone caves
• Navigate the bush lands and challenge yourself in survival camps
• Take art classes
• Learn how to build bridges and flying foxes
• Talk to over 500,000 Scouts across the world on the radio
• Trek 30km up a mountain and camp at the top
• Take an overnight river trip by canoe
• Attend the ultimate Scouting adventure of a Jamboree anywhere in Australia or the world!
• Pursue your hobbies and gain new skills