Sea Scouts

On 23rd July 1912, it was reported that the first Sea Scout Troop had been formed in Brisbane with Commander W J Weatherill as Chief Sea Scout Master. By 1st August, 1918 the Troop had two boats, 16 members, and were based at Manly, south of Brisbane. Sea Scouts originally had the nickname “wetbobs” until jealous “land” Scouts called them “swampies”, a name that has been long associated with Sea ScoutsBy the 1920s, membership had dropped to nine Sea Scouts, but a revival of interest in the 1930s saw the numbers increase dramatically. Sea Scout troops included 3rdst Maryborough, 1st Townsville, Bundaberg, Depot (Kangaroo Point) and a patrol at Indooroopilly.

When the recommendations of the “Design for Tomorrow” review were implemented in the 1970s, Sea Scouts continued, although water activities were integrated into mainstream Scouting activities. Queensland Sea Scouts eventually changed their uniforms to khaki while retaining their distinctive headgear. With the uniform changes introduced in 1992, Sea Scouts were again able to wear navy blue, but since the introduction of the new uniform on 1st July, 2004, all “Scouts” in Queenland wear the same uniform. As one Sea Scout Leader commented to the writer “At least its navy blue!”.New Farm, 1

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