Duties of a sixer

Duties of a sixer include:

  • Attend Pack Council
  • Care for a new Chum
  • Introduce to rest of six
    • Explain hand signals used in the pack
    • Explain pack procedures
    • Explain Grand Howl

  • Liaison between Cub Scouts and Leaders
    • Tell leaders of favourite games
    • Advise leaders of activites you would like to do
    • Advise leaders of any problems in the six
  • Run games under supervision
  • Assist with simple instruction where appropriate
  • Visit the Joey mob as part of the linking process, with a Cub Scout Leader
  • Flag, attendance records, subscriptions, and supervising cleaning of the den etc
  • Present their six colour to a new Cub Scout
  • Set a good example
  • Help organise equipment for games & activities
  • Be enthusiastic and alert to orders, games and instructions

Sixers & Seconds have opportunities to be leaders and useful members of the team. The title of “Sixer” or “Second” does not give the right to “tell” others what to do; rather they give the right to encourage and lead others just as any other leader does.